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The role of the AFE Home Office is to connect the AFE members from around the world. We do this through supporting websites like this one and our introductory website at

The Home Office incorporates input from local leaders to set policies and direction for program development. Local Groups have the responsibility of honoring the parents in that local community, and the Home Office sets the foundational philosophy and training materials to be used at the local level.

In any area that is in the early phases of growth through the American Family Education program, the Home Office encompasses the role of the Regional Office and directly assists the Local Directors. As the program grows and leaders are trained and become successful, the responsibilities and stewardship will be delegated from the AFE Home Office to local leadership in the region.

Our Home Office Team (located in Gilbert, AZ):

Matt & Kathryn Spencer met the summer of 2000, were married that December, and haven’t slowed down yet. They are raising 5 children and have been on a quest to live their God given purpose and to honor the sacred stewardship of parenthood. Kathryn is the founder of American Family Education. She is anxiously engaged in helping others see their worth, identify purpose and break through coercive controls. She prayerfully guides this organization and mentors with inspired leaders in education who have similar goals. Agency based, purpose driven education is her passion and she aims to make sun level education accessible to everyone and to return control of our youth’s educational system to parents! She has inspired, taught, and lead many to true principles of education while inspiring them to understand their individual worth, talents and purpose. Matt is leading the way as a reformed credentialist showing that even a dedicated student of a broken system (with multiple degrees) can get a good education by investing in himself and learning true principles of leadership. He is applying and teaching truth at home and in the community while leading many to true happiness by living a more purpose-focused life.

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