Goals Planning

Daily It is encouraged that families spend a few minutes reviewing each student’s progress daily, and then allow students to have time on their own or with their families to continue their projects or exercises and to read.

American Family Education honors family time and will never assign homework to young students. These students are guided by parents as to how much additional efforts are needed at home.

Monthly goals planning & mentoring is recommend between the parent(s) and each student. Checking in with your group leader and recording your plan in your child’s Edge Journal ensures your plan is honored while your student is in class. Without monthly goal planning, the students don’t have a plan, therefore, the school leaders are unable to support the students and you as their parents. This monthly counsel can happen at home or be scheduled at the school during class time. If the Local Group Leader agrees, monthly goal planning meetings between the leader, student & the student’s parents can be scheduled outside of the regularly scheduled academic hours/days. (As a face to face, video call or phone call.)

These meetings are vital to the progress of each student and should be no more than a 15 minute meeting. Each month’s meeting should be completed before the first day of class each month.

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