Local Group Leader a.k.a. Group Leader

To to Leader: You are the parents’ direct advocate in the classroom as the Local Group Leader. As a leader, you are available to mentor with the family for their monthly goal planning or mentoring sessions. Whenever a parent is not in class with their students, you become the main support for the students in your stewardship. For older students, you can become familiar with their goals by reviewing their Edge Journals and encouraging them to keep that tool nearby as they work. Remember that encouragement is the most motivational tool you have to influence the students. Everyone loves to be recognized when they are doing good things and to know someone believes in them when they are struggling.

You are a consistent presence in the classroom as a support for the students, their parent(s) and the teacher(s). Communicating frequently and closely with the parents allows you keep them informed and helps you understand where to best focus when helping their children in class. To support the teachers, you help with materials needed for class time, work with the students during group time, and work with new families to be oriented before joining the group. You also support students during their independent study time.

The parents are the leaders and the mentors in every sense for their children. As the local group leader, you are a mentor for these mentors and a leader for these leaders. Your service to these parents will have the most impact as you understand how to inspire the best from the parents within your stewardship.

The lifeblood of a leader is the continuation of their own development and constant attention to increasing their ability to lead. As a leader, you know that real results come because those around you are doing their best to lead themselves. As a leader you will need to recognize the strengths and abilities in others. Those parents received those children by divine plan. They were prepared for them, and they have the responsibility and stewardship to receive answers for them. Each of the parents you work with will have different strengths and different weaknesses. The ultimate goal is for the parents to spend time at home mentoring their children and setting monthly and weekly goals. You have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate them where they are and to support them. Carefully study Chapter 5 on how to be a great mentor.

Each leader serves within a local group for one developmental level of students. This is set based on your talents, experience, the needs of the local group, and your desired area of growth. As explained in the section for teachers, training can happen previous to you start serving a local group and definitely continues throughout service to the group. Some topics to include in your study: personalities or temperaments, learning styles, leadership, and mentoring techniques. This continuing study will increase your abilities to support your local group.

Keeping great relationships with the other local leaders will create a strong positive team culture and a dynamic that will bless everyone involved. As a local group leader you are an example in punctuality, dress, posture, communication and behavior for not only the students in your group, but also their parents and visiting families. Take ownership in your stewardship. If there are additional students who join the group, your compensation is matched for your increased stewardship.

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