Looking into AFE for your family? START HERE

4 Steps to Connect

1) Be familiar with American Family Education, basic info & the Education Revealed mini course HERE

2) Request Membership on this Regional Site HERE

3) Come meet us! CLICK HERE to attend an Open House or to Schedule a Tour:

  • Open Houses do not require an RSVP, open to everyone (for the adults, kids welcome)
  • Tours are available for any student/family interested in attending, come and try out being a student while you’re here.

4) CLICK HERE for Parent Orientation or To Schedule a Meeting

  • Parent Orientation open to those who’ve done #1-3 above and are interested in possibly attending as a student or you have children who you would like to attend the following month. (for adults)
  • Meeting with a Group Leader for the traditional tuition model
  • Meeting with the Local Director for the membership contribution model
  • This is also the page to schedule monthly planning meeting with your child’s teacher.

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